What is Speed Demons?


Speed Demons is a cohesive training program tailor-made to every runner's goal - be it a beginner aiming to do a short run or an advanced athlete wanting to push their limits.

Whatever running / distance goal you have, this program will provide a comprehensive training approach for it, where your strength training complements your running format, designed exclusively by Coach Urmi & Satwik


The strength training will target:

- lower body strength

- core strength

- mobility

- flexibility


How will it help?


- Gives you a comprehensive strength workout that helps you run better without losing upper body strength'

- Strengthen all running related muscles ( glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, ankles, calves )

- Prevent injury ( Hip, ankle, knee )

- Alleviate lower back stiffness after long runs through mobility and flexibility workouts

- Improve breathing to increase energy efficiency during running

- Pre-hab / corrective techniques for past injuries or postural alignment issues like flat feet, hyper-extended knees


The running plan will Comprise of :

- Base building ( building aerobic base )

-  Fartleks

- Tempo Runs

- Long run

- Recovery run

- Running Drills 


How will it help?

- Build a strong Aerobic foundation  

- Improve Running form and Running economy  

- Improve efficiency and pace; making running fast feel easy 

- Adapt gradually to aerobic and musculoskeletal stress



Speed Demons - The studio version


How does it work?  


Step 1 - We understand your goals and suggest the most effective running + strength training plan for you. We can add a nutrition plan to this too, at an additional cost.


Step 2 - You come to the Kinetic Living 'bootíque fitness studio for your strength workouts twice a week with Coach Urmi and work with Satwik to meet all your running needs.



Supporting your goals


1. Weekly check-ins -  With both your coaches ( up to 2 calls/week) to update about progress, resolve any issues being faced, express any concerns or share highs and lows!


Duration - 4 weeks


Time - Our group classes for strength training has morning batches - 6.45 & 8 AM and evening batches - 6.45 & 8 PM.

Cost - 12,600/- INR

Speed Demons - The online version

How does it work?


Step 1 - We will speak with you over phone/email to understand your goals and then suggest the most effective running + training plan ( nutrition plan is also available at an additional cost )


Step 2 - You can send us a few videos of specific exercises that will be mentioned, for us to check your form and understand your fitness level better.


Step 3 - We will send password-protected videos for the strength workouts along with a plan to be followed for the same. Online workouts can be provided with or without equipment, as per your preference These videos will have accurate cues and directions to perform the workout. You will work with Satvik via phone & email to meet all your running needs


Supporting your goals


1. Weekly check-ins -  With both your coaches ( up to 2 calls/week) to update about progress, send videos to check form, resolve any issues being faced, express any concerns or share highs and lows!  

Duration - 4 weeks


Cost - 9,500/- INR



Our team & your coaches: 


Urmi Kothari, Energy Coach 


With a culminative experience of over 18 years in Sports like Basketball, weights and Functional training (ACSM level 1), professional dance, martial arts like Kalaripayattu and Kick Boxing, Yoga, Pilates (Certified STOTT mat), Kettlebells (IKFF and EKFA) and recently Animal Flow, Urmi has an integrative approach to workouts that combines the dynamism from athletics and focus from martial arts and yoga. 


 A certified IFAA Master Trainer (Functional, Myofascial techniques, PT) (Trainer of trainers) and a Nike+ Certified Trainer for 3 years, her enthusiasm for coaching and helping people find their unique version of an active, energetic, fit and clean lifestyle is what drives her at Kinetic Living.


Urmi recently completed a half marathon at sub 2 pace and runs close to 100 kilometres every month.





Satwik Rajani, Running Coach


ACSM  Certified marathon trainer 

Believes in holistic and structured approach to training 

Sub 3 marathoner( boston qualifier )

One of the youngest indian to run the comrades ultra marathon (90kms)


INSTAGRAM : @satwikr


Fatima Villa, 40th Rd, Opp Old Masjid, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052  E-mail: Tel: 9930031737

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