The Kinetic Living Podcast with Coach Urmi is a show about keeping fit, both physically and mentally and leading a balanced lifestyle. Listen to her conversations with some of the most interesting people, who share experiences from their fitness journey.

To keep you motivated, Coach Urmi also shares some of her easy-to-make healthy and delicious recipes, fun exercises, Instagram accounts you should definitely follow, and movies you should watch. You're about to embark on a journey to achieving a kinetic life.

Episodes: Season 1- Talking Fitness

On the first episode of The Kinetic Living Podcast, Coach Urmi is joined by the vivacious Kubbra Sait. They talk about the transformation Kubbra has undergone after joining Coach Urmi's class, how she balances work and working out, and her motivation to work out. They also discuss Kubbra's diet, favourite exercises and how working out is not only an activity to make you look good.

In the second part of this episode, Coach Urmi recommends a healthy recipe, a workout you can do at home and an Instagram account you must follow.

On this episode of the Kinetic Living Podcast, Coach Urmi is joined by the cat-man and standup comedian, Rohan Joshi! They talk about how Rohan saw his life change for the best with slow and steady steps towards a regular fitness regime. Rohan also discusses how his discipline during his sessions with Urmi have further reflected in his work-life.

And then it's time for the 'Coach-Urmi-Approved-Recipe!' And guess what? It is a dessert recipe that is quick to make and perfect for your Netflix and chill time. She also gives out a quick way to stretch especially if you have a desk job.

On this episode of the Kinetic Living Podcast, Coach Urmi speaks to the former beauty queen, now actor, model and singer; the fierce Sarah-Jane Dias. Sarah shares her thoughts about eating right, her fitness transformation that helped her keep up with long hours of shoots and made her a more confident person.

And yes! It's time for the 'Coach-Urmi-Approved-Recipe!' This recipe is perfect for your quick juice fix! And if you're looking to have a good looking butt (we bet you are!), Urmi gives out a fun exercise hack to help you get just that.

On this episode of the Kinetic Living Podcast, Coach Urmi talks about all things fitness and life with the man who managed to crack up the entire nation: Rosesh from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Actor, Rajesh Kumar shares his understanding of living and eating healthy, why certain foods react to our body in a certain way and what changed the way Rajesh looks at fitness today. He also talks about what got him interested in the concept of spiritual or natural farming.

And in the Coach-Urmi-Approved recommendation segment, it's time for a yummy healthy pancake and more!

On this episode of the Kinetic Living Podcast, we've changed things a little. Coach Urmi talks to someone who is a colleague as well as a teacher to her, Tanvi Mehra. Tanvi teaches Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga and she also runs the Tangerine Arts Studio in Mumbai.

This conversation is an insight into Tanvi's beliefs about yoga, fitness, food and what gives her a complete balance towards a fulfilling life.

In the Coach-Urmi-Approved recommendation segment, it's time for snacks that are easy-peasy to make and Coach Urmi also gives out some hacks that could help do away with lower-back ache.

On this episode of the Kinetic Living Podcast, Coach Urmi is ready to great cracked up with the one with the funny bones, Kaneez Surka. The effervescent stand-up comedian talks about how her fitness journey started meaning more to her beyond weight loss. She shares her thoughts about having a fitness routine which is meant to strengthen her physique for the years to come.

In the awesome 'Coach-Urmi-Approved' segment, Urmi recommends a yummy savoury recipe that won't take up too much of your time and is filling. As for the exercise for this week, she talks about an exercise move that is also liked by Kaneez.

It's not easy being a comedian: long hours of ideation, random meals, parties and so on. What does it take to figure out your fitness game perfectly well?
Coach Urmi talks to stand-up comic Navin Noronha, also the host of the Keeping It Queer Podcast about his crazy schedule and his idea of keeping healthy.

In the second segment, Coach Urmi gives us some hacks to work our way around Ganesh Chaturthi and all the pendal hopping. She tells us how we can replace the sugar-heavy modaks and methais with some healthy options.
And there is an awesome new challenge waiting for you!

It's quite a change from pursuing a career in acting to have trained to be a raw food chef and in fact venturing into the organic food business, isn't it?
Well, Coach Urmi talks to Raveena Taurani who has a journey exactly like that!
Raveena shares her thoughts about her change in perception of fitness over the years and how she has now given herself completely to celebrating a healthy lifestyle and talks about her journey with Yogisattva. 

Don't miss out on the second segment as Coach Urmi gives out an easy-peasy recipe for a post-workout treat! And if you are struggling with how to do away with your sugar cravings, there is an exercise hack that will help you shake it off! Tune in to find out!

On this episode of The Kinetic Living, Coach Urmi talks to the co-founder of IVM Podcasts, Kavita Rajwade. She talks about her love for Functional training and food. She shares her experience as to how exercising in the morning prepares her to tackle the whole day with ease. Urmi gives us an insight into the history of Pilates and the importance of body control while working out.

On the recommendation section, Urmi shares Kavita's pre-workout Keto coffee recipe.

On this episode of the Kinetic Living, Urmi talks to Nikki Gupta, owner of Mia Cucina. Nikki shares her experience of training for the Mt. Everest base camp and how it changed her perception towards fitness. She talks about how running helped her overcome problems and sadness.
And in the Coach-Urmi-Approved recommendation segment, it's time for a yummy healthy smoothie and the youtube link to her hip mobility workout is

On this week's episode of Kinetic Living, coach Urmi talks to habit coach Ashdin Doctor. Ashdin talks about his fitness journey, intermittent fasting & High-Intensity Interval Training. He will bust some very popular fitness & diet myths and misconceptions.

More details in the podcast!

On this episode of Kinetic Living, Urmi is in conversation with Swetha, Founder of SWEAT by Swetha and Nike Training coach. Swetha discusses career opportunities for women in the fitness industry. They talk about Sports, setting up of fitness spaces and their love for food.
Also, it's time for a yummy healthy muffin recipe in the Coach-Urmi-Approved recommendation segment!

More details in the podcast!

On this week's episode of Kinetic Living, coach Urmi is joined by Amit Mehta, founder of Unived Healthcare. He talks about his injury and how it had an impact on his mental health. They talk about Veganism, trail running & the importance of fibre in our diet.
On the recommendation section, Urmi shares vegan coconut milk recipe and the knee stability tutorial.

More details in the podcast!

This week on the Kinetic Living podcast, Coach Urmi talks to her childhood buddy and actor Shikha Talsania. She speaks about

  • Body image issues she faced

  • How 'Wake Up Sid!' happened to her

  • Kareena's fitness and diet secrets

  • Self-acceptance and having an honest relationship with one's body

Listen to this fun-filled episode!

On the season finale of Kinetic Living, coach Urmi is in conversation with fellow Nike Training Center trainer Kunal Rajput. He talks about

  • His dad being his inspiration to get into fitness

  • How he was successful in conquering asthma

  • How his love for sports introduced him to the Kettlebell certification program

  • The difference between Olympic lifting and Powerlifting

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