The Mentorship Program

Who is this for?


Aspiring fitness trainers & existing trainers: If you wish to up-skill yourself personally as well as professionally, with the knowledge, skills & mindset that will set you apart as a great coach, then this program is for you!


8 & 9th Feb, 2020

Kinetic Living, Khar (W)


1st & 2nd Mar, 2020


₹ 18,000/-

What will happen over the course of the mentorship program?


The mentorship program will be a mix of theoretical & practical modules taught by Coach Urmi, and will cover the following:

Day 1 would be ideal for fitness enthusiasts, fitness newbies, coaches with lesser experience, trainers who have done theory-heavy courses but have less practical knowledge.

Day 2 would be ideal for coaches looking to up their game in terms of building primarily their coaching skills, their business & brand, and who want to focus on personal growth or even break their plateau.

Day 01

1. Building the base by learning about the 7 functional movements


2. Learning effective warm-up, cool down & injury prevention techniques


3. How to program your own workout effectively

- finding your balance 

-shortlist: how to choose your goal 

- asking the right questions 


4. Learning habits/hacks/imp to-dos to manage own training and energy levels while leading a busy lifestyle


-energy management

-focus: finding your style in this race

-quality over quantity techniques

-learning about self-care & energy management as a coach

Day 02

5. Learning how to teach effectively:

- how to check form, technique & correct 

-Coach Urmi’s checklist 

-understand regression and progression 

-going beyond the gym 


6. The real coach - Building relationships, Building lives


7. Practice & build your skills at a mock coaching session with feedback from Coach Urmi


8. A question & answer session about business development with Coach Urmi


9. How to use social media and other avenues for your own business

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