Coach Exchange


The idea of The Kinetic Living Coach Exchange program came about Coach Urmi's intention to bring the best teaching talents in the country and abroad to the HQ in Mumbai. 

Born from an absolute love for learning, #KLCOACHEX invites facilitators/teachers/coaches across different disciplines that not only meet the teaching standards of Kinetic Living but also stimulate and engage students beyond the physical aspect of workouts. 

We aim to build a community not only of like-minded fitness enthusiasts who are our students but also of like-minded coaches and fitness professionals who believe in good quality work, positive attitude and a collaborative spirit which fosters learning, personal growth and most importantly will help to elevate the standards of coaching in India. 


The formats differ every single time and the surprise element is the biggest benefit for students at Kinetic Living. Majority of these sessions are offered as part of membership at no extra cost to the students. 

1. #KLCOACHEX with Crossfit L3 Coach Neha Agarwalla. (MAY 2019)


Spanning over a period of a month, Neha brought to the floor her thorough knowledge in Olympic lifting in simplistic terms and teaching style. This made the sessions very accessible to beginners as well as coaches alike. They were extremely well received: both at the experiential and the commercial level. 

2.#KLCOACHEX with Devrath a.k.a Ninja Dev  (JUNE 2019)


This was a 4 day visit of Ninja Dev from Bangalore who is an Animal Flow Master Trainer and also a Functional Training Trainer like Coach Urmi . 

Students learnt different moves to integrate Animal Flow with Kettlebell Training. This #KLCOACHEX concluded with a joint workshop of Pilates and Animal Flow led by Coach Urmi and Ninja Dev which was extremely successful.

3. #KLCOACHEX with Fitter Bee led by Ashdin Doc   (AUG 2019) 


Taught twice a week for the enitre month of Aug 2019, Fitter Bee sessions aimed to combine fun and games and fitness. There were games like snakes & ladders and rock, paper, scissors integrated with functional exercises for a sweat session playing a game instead of a serious workout. Sessions are aptly called "Recess" and cheating is OK! This was a great diversion from Kinetic Living sessions which are very technique heavy and highly focused which can intimidate a beginner. Fitter Bee sessions were very well received for their fun, creative and effective quotient with students burning an average 300-400 calories in each session! 

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