Coach Urmi

Hi, I'm Urmi aka Coach Urmi. I'm an energy coach and I believe that one can transform the mind, starting with the body. With an experience of over 21 years in fitness, sports, martial arts, professional dance and yoga, I am currently spreading my philosophy of “Kinetic Living” at my HQ in Mumbai and online, via my Kinetic Living podcast and recently via my TEDx talk. I am a Nike trainer and a Master trainer who has coached over 200 aspiring coaches in the country all while building up an eclectic mix of clientele (artists, actors, comics, models, writers, directors, photographers) over the last 7 Years.


My sessions are a mix of mobility (for posture) from yoga, Animal Flow and Pilates, strength and endurance from compound movements based on functional training principles and skill-based techniques that will stimulate cognition, breath and body awareness, coordination and most of all, make one feel alive! 




IFAA master trainer (fitness fundamentals, fitness basics, personal training techniques 1&2)

Master trainer Queenax (Precor) 

IKFF Kettlebell Level 1 (certified)

IKFF Kettlebell Level -2 (participation) 

EKFA kettlebell level 1&2 (certified) 

Animal Flow Level 1 certified 

ANIMAL FLOW Level -2 (certification pending) 

Barefoot Training Specialist Level -1 (certified) 

STOTT Pilates Intensive May certified 

STOTT Pilates reformer (certification pending) 

Metabolic conditioning workshop (Reebok)

Strong First KETTLEBELL workshop 

ACSM kettlebell workshop 

ACSM functional training workshop 

Experience of more than 10 years in Yoga, Running.

Kinetic Living

Kinetic Living is an alternative approach to working out that will help you transform into a fireball of energy with a body that is fit from within and that which feels truly alive!

The AIM: To maximize your fitness quotient with a balanced workout that emphasizes on:



Core Strength

Body & Breath Awareness


Stamina depending on individual goals.

The fitness quotient is not measured with a tape or a weighing scale but measured against one standard question: Are you out of your comfort zone?  Good looks are just a side effect when you have maximized your own fitness quotient.

Ask yourself if your current workout focuses on these? From 2 to 6 days a week, as the only style of exercises or to compliment any other exercise program. What is your goal? 

Here are some of our workouts: 


a workout that enables you to build power and strength to lift more than your body weight while finding stability in the movement. helps to build muscle and expedite fat loss



A workout that builds endurance and enables you to lift submaximal load for a longer period of time. Helps to increase stamina and increase metabolism.


A HIIT with a difference! Because we push you to go harder and faster but first make sure you nail the technique and form, to achieve maximum results with minimum risk of injury. Such anaerobic workouts improve energy efficiency and are short but impactful.


A  workout that improves flexibility, mobility and range of motion in the muscles as well as joints with slower movements and stretches designed to prevent injury. This active recovery class is highly recommended for all levels especially if you are restarting your fitness journey or feel stiff as stressed. 


Kell bell

Learn techniques of the simplest and also the most challenging exercises from the kettlebell repertoire at your own pace under our coach's eyes, followed by a short workout to drill the concepts into muscle memory. Great for ALL level! 


Glute mornings/ evenings

A strength and conditioning workout that targets the posterior chain of the body, building power, strength and stability in the hamstrings, glutes, lower back and erector spine. If you want to train like an athlete, this class is a MUST!


Wild card

This surprise session will throw a curveball at you, your mind and body will have a blast figuring out what happened in this one hour! It could be animal flow, it could be trampoline or it could just be foam rolling...you gotta stay ready!


Strength and skill

A class influenced by Coach Urmi’s experience in animal flow, gymnastics, Acro yoga, Calisthenics and KettleBell movements. The nature of the class is extremely fluid depending on the fitness levels of the participants, but your body and mind will definitely be stimulated and challenged in this class.


Fatima Villa, 40th Rd, Opp Old Masjid, Khar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052  E-mail: askus@kineticliving.in Tel: 9930031737

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